Hi all!!  I’m so excited to show off my brand new Collab Kit with Snickerdoodle Designs!!  When Karen approached me with this idea, I jumped at the chance!  First, because Karen is such an awesome Designer, second because I have SO many “Busted!” photos that are just perfect to scrap with this kit!  Like the time I found my daughter, then 2 years old, smearing vaseline all over the bathroom walls!  Or the time I found my son, at 4, stuffing toilet paper down the bathroom sink drain! Or that time…. OY! I could go on and on!! lol  I’m sure you know exactly what I mean, and have the pictures to prove it!! 😉  Let me introduce Busted, the go-to kit for all those “crime scene” photos!!

Introducing:  BUSTED by KimberkattScraps & Snickerdoodle Designs

ON SALE:  30% OFF through Oct. 28th!

All BUSTED Coordinates ON SALE for 30% off through Oct. 28!!  Or grab the entire BUSTED Collection for only $9!!


Karen’s CT went to town with this kit!  Check out these awesome inspiration pages:

As promised, there are FREEBIES!  First, here is one from me, a cute Wordart Freebie:


Next, Karen has an adorable cluster freebie on her blog and an even more adorable story about her son being busted:

And, last but not least, Jenn posted another awesome freebie on theStudio’s blog:


9 thoughts on “BUSTED! New Collab + FREEBIES!!

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  2. Thank you again!! I have several photos of my Grandson that will work so well but now I am also going to go through my son’s childhood photos. So many photos, so many ideas, so LITTLE TIME!!

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