EarthDay Addon FREEBIE!

Hello all you lovely people!  I have another little goodie for you all today.  I went a little overboard making my Earth Day mini, so I have an addon to give you!  Well, actually… the addon is bigger than the mini! LOL!  It includes all of the extra, recolored papers/elements.  Hope you like it!  I loved working with these colors, earthy colors are the best!  Now I’m off to get my son measured for his school uniform, I can’t believe he’ll be starting school in September! OY! Where did the time go?!  All in all, he’s been doing very well with the Homeschool Preschool program we’ve been working on, and he’s so ready to go to school!  I’m not sure if I’m ready yet! hehehe…  But, he’s learned his letters & numbers, can write his name and even knows simple addition & subtraction skills!  I’m so very impressed & proud of him!  He’s one sharp little guy!  Okay, enough of my Mommy bragging, here’s the preview & download links!  Enjoy & have a fabulous day!!  🙂



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