April Template Challenge & FREEBIES!!!!

Hi all!  I just realized I forgot to post about my Template Challenge this month!  I must be having WAAAAYYYYY too much fun over at Ginger Scraps playing in their Scrapping Survivor 2 contest!!!  More about that in a bit, let’s get to the FREEBIES first!  lol

The April Template Challenge has been posted over at theStudio!  Come snag yourself a FREE template, post a  layout using the template, and earn points towards FREE products from theStudio!!  Here’s a look at the template for this month:

Click image to go to download

I also wanted to let you know that I posted a QuickPage FREEBIE over on theStudio BLOG – go on over and check it out!  It was made with a New Charity kit: Hug-A-Hero! And this charity kit is especially exciting for me because I actually CONTRIBUTED A MINI KIT!!!  I know, can ya believe it?!  Here’s a look at the QP freebie:

Click to go to theStudio Blog for download

And here’s a look at the Hug-A-Hero kit:  100% of the donations go to Operation Hug-A-Hero to help with the “Daddy Dolls” they are giving to children of deployed Mommy’s or Daddy’s!!  It’s such a great charity, and I am just so happy to have been able to contribute!!

My contribution to the Hug-A-Hero Charity Kit

Okay, now back to Scrapping Survivor!!  I am proud to say that I have made it through to WEEK 4 of the contest!!  I am still shocked I made it this far, and this weeks challenge is just that…. a challenge!!!  Here’s a peek at the layouts that have gotten me to this point:  (click images for full credits)

Scrapping Survivor2 Week 1 Entry

Scrapping Survivor2 Week 2 Entry

What?! You recognize this?!  Why, yes… it IS the layout I used as inspiration for the template challenge this month!!  hehehe….

Scrapping Survivor2 Week 3 Entry

I’m working hard on Week 4’s layout, but it’s giving me some problems here!  We are required to use Camouflage print papers & Blend our photos into the background!  Eeeeekkkkk!  I’ve never blended a photo before!  I’ve always tried to make my pages look as close as possible to “paper scrapped” so blending was never even a thought to me!  I guess I better start learning some new tricks here if I want to win this thing!! hehehe…  wish me luck! I’m off to make a killer layout before Sunday!!!  Have a great day everyone!!


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