Template FREEBIES!!

Howdy Hi all!!  I’ve been doing some Winter clean up on my EHD and I found some templates that I had done for some Template Exchanges at Stone Accents Studio… soooo, I figured I would post them up here and see if any of you would enjoy them, too!

Also, you will notice two new pages added to the top there… My FREEBIES & My Template FREEBIES… pretty self-explanatory, I think!  I’ve compiled all of my freebies onto these two pages, to save some of you the hassle of going back through my blog…  Hope you enjoy them!  And, if you ever have a problem with a download link, PLEASE let me know and I will fix it!!  Oh….  if any of you ever use any of my Freebies, I would love to see it!  You can post a link here in the comments section, email me: Kimberkatt@hotmail.com, or send me a PM at Stone Accents Studio (where I live most of the time! lol )

These 4 templates were the bonus for participating in the Stone Accents Studio’s Birthday Bash Template Exchange back in September09


These two templates were made for the Sept08 Stone Accents Studio’s Birthday Bash Template Exchange… old, but still good!  Click images to download… Hope you enjoy them!  🙂



7 thoughts on “Template FREEBIES!!

  1. The first look to this blog is so impressive and gorgeous – full of mindblowers.
    Looks like an ocean of freebies. Really liked your Templates – downloaded all – please don’t mind.

    Added you to my favorite sites.

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