Second Post, lots to say!

Hello?! Is there anyone out there? LOL! Well, this is my second post and I’m not sure if anyone is actually reading this, but I have lots to talk about!

First, I’ve been having a blast at Stone Accents Studio, my most favorite site!! They are having their One Year Birthday Bash all this month. And let me tell ya, it’s jam packed with events!! We are having soooo much fun over there! There are contests, challenges, a Template Exchange, Scavenger Hunt, Daily Downloads and lots more! You really should go check it out! It’s amazing!! You cannot even imagine the freebies and prizes they are giving out all month long!! Here, let me give you some examples! hehehe…


This kit is gorgeous!! And HUGE!! Here are some previews if you don’t believe me!

DAD01-small DAD02-small DAD03-small DAD04-small

See, I told you so! hehehe… And here are some other events going on at SAS right now!

Member Mega-small Designer Contest-small

(Lots of freebies for all SAS members! Yay!)


And, I’ve already completed my template for this exchange!! Here’s a preview:


There are already 22 awesome templates in the gallery, and it’s only the 4th! If you’d like to get your hands on these templates and more to come, just visit Stone Accents Studio, register for free and make a template to share! Easy peasey! LOL!

Okay, I think I’ve blabbed enough now! Keep watching, I have more templates to share and maybe something else in the works!


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