Hello Blog World!

Hi! Well, I’ve decided to jump into the blogging adventure! I’m planning on using this blog to give back to the Digital Scrapbooking Community with my measly little contributions! I love Digital Scrapbooking and have been so grateful for all the community so generously gives!! I discovered Digital Scrapbooking in October 2005 when searching for Paper Scrapbooking supplies! I had tried my hand at Paper for a few months and discovered I wasn’t that good at it!! And, having a 10 month old son at the time, paper just wasn’t working out for me!! Too much mess! LOL!! Once I found out about Digi, I was in love!! My daughter was born the following May (2006), so, even though digi was “mess free” it was hard to get time on the computer with two little ones!! My computer time was spent gathering freebies and tutorials so I could learn this new, wonderful hobby! Since that time, it’s been one big learning adventure and I still learn new things every day!! I’ve decided to try my hand at designing, but I have TONS to learn!! Watch this space for some interesting things to come!! 🙂


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